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New fire truck 621

The "new" 621. This truck is quite different than the "old" 621; first and foremost is the midship pump station. It affords the operator a better view of the scene and places all the controls in one place. Another small item is the pre-connected section of hose on the front bumper that allows the truck to pump from a drop tank (as carried on Tanker 623). Most of the fires we respond to in rural areas rely on water being trucked in; this will save valuable time in establishing water supply operations. Here's to the new 621!!!! Artiicle and photos by John Lewis


Palmyra Fire’s latest apparatus, Brush Truck #628. While it looks like a standard Chevy S10 pickup, the beauty is in the details. A 4x4 truck with a special compressed air foam system pump that will enable 628 to cover literally twice the territory of the department’s current brush trucks using half the water. The work to convert a pickup truck into a firefighting asset was done entirely by Palmyra firemen. Considering the numbers of grass/brush fires this past spring, it is a welcome addition to the department’s fleet! Article and photos by John Lewis

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2013 Calls
Structure Fires 9
Grass Fire/Brush 7
False Alarm/Good Intent call 40
Vehicle fire  5
Vehicle Accident w/o Extrication  46
Vehicle Accident with Extrication  8
First Responder 140
Dispatch/Cancelled  53
Other Rescue 1
Other Fire 8
Hazardous Condition/Materials 6
Total Responses 323
Mutual Aid Given 4
Mutual Aid Received 0